who am I?

Born in Crete, May 1966, I live in Luxembourg, and work as a software engineer. Originally studied Surveying Engineering and got an MSc in GIS, but geoinformatics and algorithms won me over and turned me more into a software engineer rather than a surveyor. I have three daughters; Phoebe, Athena and Mytro. My name is Yannis Roussochatzakis and you can see my complete CV on LinkedIn.

what do I do?

I currently work as a senior software architect at the European Cout of Auditors (ECA) in Luxembourg.
I'm also working on an a stealth project on which my new start-up is focussing. Fingers crossed, you'll get more about this later.
My previous start-up (which has been acquired by Demand Meda Inc. in 2011) was RSS Graffiti. I'm no longer involved with RSS Graffiti but it will always be a brain child.

where am I?

As I already mentioned, I live and work in Luxembourg. I do maintain a close contact with Greece (where I based a big part of my career), and Stockholm, Sweden (where I lived and worked between 2008 and 2011).

how can I be reached?

You can send me a message on Linked-In or send a message using the form bellow.

Last time I updated this page was March 9th 2013.