Saturday, August 6, 2005

MetaBlogAPI for CS 1.1

I wanted to test w.Bloggar and BlogJet today for posting in a CS 1.1 blog. MetaBlogAPI comes as a separate download from CS 1.1 so I tried to find and get it. Believe me I had a real hard time!

After an hour or so of googling around for it, a friend from finally pointed me to it.

Here it is:

If you need it, go get it…

The other versions found in various posts in are usually older versions and will just give you a "Method not found: System.Collections.ArrayList COmmunityServer.Blogs.Components.Weblogs.GetWebLogs(CommunityServer.ComponentsUser,  Boolean, Boolean, Boolean). (EGetRecentError)" error message.

I wish they had a more standard place for it on the web than just a form post…